Big Fat Construction Updates

We're long overdue for this update, but here's where construction stands! We still don't know exactly when it will be done, but so far it's starting to look goodSo good. Power has been turned off and on and the house at different times for different reasons, so the pictures below aren't edited. Here's the summary:

  • All floor joists in the living room had to be replaced and new subfloor laid
  • Ceilings/floors of upper rooms had to be reinforced with new joists and beams
  • We took out the wall between the living room and dining room! 
  • New insulation and drywall will be installed
  • There was a weird concrete slab in the dining room (I forgot to take a before picture) so now we're expanding into the dining room #ohjoy
  • The beadboard in the hallway isn't really salvageable, below you can see an examples of the channels the former owners cut into the beadboard to rewire 
  • We widened the doorway to the living room and it made a huge difference
  • We're saving the original floor joists for projects later

We have to move in 9/23 regardless of the state of the house, but hopefully it'll be finished.  Click the pictures below to scroll through!

Small Updates, Big Changes Coming

We spent the past week or so interviewing contractors, getting quotes, and acting like real adults. It's been stressful, but it's what you sign on for buying an 87 year old house, so we won't complain. I think we mentioned it before, but there's no insulation in the whole house, the entire living room floor has been compromised/eaten by termites and has to be replaced, and that damage extends into the dining room. Womp womp womp. But that decision has led us to the path of opening up the wall between the living room and the dining room! It was always on the "one day" list, but it's now been expedited. We're going to remove the fireplace, but we aren't really fireplace people to begin with. Oh, and the two upper bedrooms are falling in! Holla!

Moving has been pushed back and is still a little TBD. Things at the house have quickly progressed to "over my head" status, so I've chosen to focus on small things I can accomplish instead. This weekend I started a "cat-binet," which will eventually house a litter box and supplies and stuff. We inherited a random cabinet-island-thing that lived in our dining room. I measured the cabinet and, lo and behold, it fit perfectly in the space between the wall and our utility sink! The old top wasn't secured (it was the same style as the kitchen), so off it came and I built a new one out of old baseboards. I'll post the finished product once it's actually finished.


I also started working on the master closet. Remember the scary, small, closet we originally got? It's very small and it's in the corner of our master bath, so it's actually hard to photograph accurately. The shelves were too deep and at my eye level ( I'm short) and the door was tiny. It was practically non-functional for us. So we ripped it all out! I bought new brackets and basic dowels for rods, then used old baseboard wood for shelves. Reversing the layout also seemed to be a better flow into the space. It's still a tiny closet, but hopefully it will function much better for us now. Eventually I'll hang a curtain that matches the shower curtain to act as a new door, but it's white and there's about to be a lot of dust. Also the camera battery died so the progress picture is from my phone. I promise the short dowel is level. 

closet BA.jpg

That about wraps it for this past week. We've hired a contractor and Logan is going to do a write up of that process later. Of course we'll keep you posted along the way. Big changes are coming!