Meal Prep....Wednesday?

I'm late. I know. I'm not sorry. I had some pretty adorable distractions the last couple days.


Meet Alexander Beagleton. His name is Alexander Beagleton. There's a million things he hasn't done.....just you wait. We signed up to be fosters with the Greenville Humane Society and this guy was our first foster. We totally failed. He will be ours forever. So far he's fitting in nicely and learning the family dynamics. With Poopypants, notsomuch, but everyone else seems to like him too! And I'm totally in love.

I did full meal prep this week. I changed gears a little halfway through and had planned to make pasta primavera (just winging the recipe), but after making fruit salad for the week decided I was sick of chopping. I had bought a bag salad of kale and broccoli and such and was gonna use that in the pasta, but it stayed a salad instead. I made 5 breakfasts, 5 fruit salads, and 5 lunches (3 roasted veggie, 2 salads).

photo isn't really edited because i'm tired. sorry not sorry

I'm not including any recipes this week because I mostly didn't use any. I smooshed two recipes together for breakfast and it was a fail, so trust me and skip it. Breakfast this week is scrambled eggs, zucchini, and quinoa. Filling, yes, enjoyable, no. I just can't get into quinoa for breakfast. I really do like quinoa. I've tried sweet recipes, savory recipes. It just doesn't do it for me for breakfast. This week:

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs, zucchini and squash with quinoa (not my fave)
  • Fruit salad: strawberries, pears, black grapes (I always toss with a teaspoon of honey and lemon or lime juice)
  • Lunch: roasted vegetables and brown rice (cabbage "steaks," Baker beans, brown rice) and salads (topped with squash, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes (added later), and croutons)
  • Logan lunch: pork roast with broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots

A parting note on Baker beans: they're a family recipe. My uncle made them up one year and they've been a hit ever since. Get some big flat green beans, drain all the water out then smoosh all the water out, pan fry them with onions, garlic, EVOO, and whatever spices you're feeling. They're extra good if you let them get nice and dark and golden brown on some beans. 

What did you make this week?